"Gentle introduction to SolidJS" talk

June 2, 2022

Introduction to SolidJS framework focused on Solid's "selling points" and main concepts.

"Type safety at runtime in TypeScript" talk

April 29, 2022

This talk serves as an introduction to type-safety in runtime and explains how we can face it to make our applications more error-proof.

"From Angular to React - how I decided to take the next career step" talk

February 3, 2022

A story of why and how I started working with React. Also list of strong points and differences between Angular and React.

"Elm, a delightful language for learning functional programming" talk

April 28, 2021

Introduction to Elm, a functional programming language for making web applications.

"Bring reactivity to your Angular templates with the LetDirective" talk

October 16, 2020

Step-by-step live-coding session on implementing a structural directive for binding an Observable to the Angular view.

"Going zone-less with Angular's reactive extensions" talk

August 21, 2020

Introduction to zone-related problems and how to deal with them.

"What is Deno and will it replace Node.js?" talk

June 24, 2020

Brief introduction to Deno 🦕 Talk with live coding session implementing simple HTTP server.

"Optimising Angular application" talk

February 21, 2020

I got inspired, dived into the topic, gathered tips and shared it with others. Now everyone knows how to make Angular apps faster 😉

"Getting started with Angular" workshops

January 10, 2020

Third and last part of the "Modern and applicative JavaScript" workshops I hosted. This time we started implementing web app in Angular and hooked it up to our REST API.

"Type safety at runtime with JSON Decoders" talk

September 25, 2019

Just how we can achieve type-safe nirvana in TypeScript? Let's see!

"Basics of TypeScript" workshops

September 6, 2019

Second part of the "Modern and applicative JavaScript" workshops I hosted. We took this opportunity to introduce TypeScript to our small project.

"Building REST API with express.js" workshops

July 12, 2019

First part of the "Modern and applicative JavaScript" workshops I hosted. We kicked off by building REST API using express.js.

"JavaScript #10YearsChallenge" talk

April 8, 2019

Talk I gave on what is JavaScript and its influence on today's world of development.

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