"We learn every day" - story of what motivates me

December 28, 2018

Passion – that’s the answer for question above. I’m done here, thank you 😉

All my life I’ve bee chasing something that would give me huge satisfaction. Like always, some trials ended with failures (my first collage choice), other were pretty successful (writing my own novel).

Two years ago I started making my first steps in programming and IT. Finally I completely lost my self in it and after some trials and errors I made it! I found my first job as Graduate Developer!

You may be wondering: “What’s so special about it? Why should I even care?”

And I will gladly answer that issue: I have no bloody idea 😉

Hi, I’m Kajetan and my story isn’t really different from any other story you hear about people just starting in IT. Five months ago I’ve begun graduate programme in a company making solutions for financial sector (insurances, accounting, etc.). After three months of internship I’ve been called for a review and got to know, that the company is interested in further work with me and want to keep me as Junior Developer. Of course I gladly accepted the offer and since that I’ve been excited with my job, project and team I work with!

Enough with my professional life for now, let’s continue with motivation. For past two years I’m interested with IT and I must say, that there’s something remarkable about it. Something, that keeps fascinate and motivate me to further unravel secrets of IT.

It is unlimited possibilities of growth.

Technologies evolve every day and programmer has possibility to study in every direction he/she wants. Study materials are available everywhere – every technology has its documentation, creators deliver tutorials, there are discussion boards, articles, etc. If someone doesn’t mind – there are also paid tutorials and courses out there. You can also try to learn for yourself, it’s just as fun! You just need to want it.

I think of myself as enthusiast of learning itself. I enjoy the process, that satisfaction that you get after many weeks, months, even years, when you look back on how you started and where you are now. During this process I always write notes. I often get back to them when I create my side project or just work. I always want them to be in order and close at hand.


Not long ago I came across the thought – why not enhance this process further? I came into conclusion, that blog would be good solution for that. By creating posts about what I have learned I would not only order my knowledge but it also share it with others. Who knows, maybe it will inspire others who would want to share their knowledge and experiences.

With that, I would like to start my little experiment. Since now I will collect my knowledge and experiences here – in smaller and larger doses.

(I do not think of myself an expert in any discipline that I will mention here further on. So please be patient with me 😉 People learn every day, don’t they?)

Kajetan Świątek

Kajetan Świątek

Front-end Developer, coding nerd, learning-new-stuff lover.

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